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U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Youth at Work

A. Incorrect

Employers may be held responsible for harassment, even when the harasser is not an employee, if the employer knew about the harassment and did not act to correct the situation. The store could, for example, contact the delivery company to request a different delivery person handle the store's package delivery.

Try again! Select another choice below.

1. Wanda, who is an African-American, works in the storeroom at a grocery store. On Wanda's first day, one of the delivery men, who is White, is very rude to her. Since then, this delivery person has attached negative jokes or cartoons about African-Americans to packages he leaves with Wanda. What should Wanda do?

  1. Wanda should do nothing. The overnight delivery man does not work for the grocery store, so the store can't be held responsible for his conduct.
  2. Wanda should tell the delivery man that she finds his behavior offensive, and that it must stop immediately.
  3. Wanda should tell her supervisor or any other store employee responsible for handling harassment and discrimination complaints about the delivery man's conduct.
  4. Both B and C are correct.