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U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Youth at Work

D is Incorrect

EEOC’s services are free. You do not need an attorney to file a charge with the EEOC. Furthermore, you do not need to pay the EEOC to investigate and decide your case.

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6. Quincy has worked at a clothing store for six months and has received good performance reviews from his manager. Two weeks ago, Quincy’s girlfriend stopped by the store. Since then, the manager has been watching Quincy closely. Today, the manager fired Quincy, explaining that sales were down. A co-worker told Quincy that the manager was looking for a reason to fire Quincy because she disapproved of Quincy’s interracial relationship. Quincy is African-American and his girlfriend is White. Is this treatment illegal?

  1. Yes. The manager illegally discriminated against Quincy if she fired him because of his interracial relationship.
  2. No. The manager may have disapproved of Quincy’s interracial relationship, but she did not fire him until two weeks after meeting his girlfriend. If the manager had fired Quincy the day after meeting his girlfriend, then the firing may have been illegal.
  3. No. Sales are down, and the manager has the right to fire any employee she chooses.
  4. Yes, but Quincy must hire a lawyer, and must pay EEOC to investigate and decide the case.