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U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Youth at Work

A is incorrect.

Federal anti-discrimination laws prohibit discrimination against employees who work in the United States for covered employers, regardless of citizenship or work authorization.

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8. Rosa spends her summers working on a fruit farm. The farm owner decreases her pay whenever she is late for work, but allows non-Mexican workers to make up the time at the end of the day. Rosa believes the farm owner treats her differently because she is from Mexico. A friend tells Rosa to call the EEOC for help, but she is afraid because she is an undocumented worker. Can the EEOC help Rosa?

  1. No. Undocumented workers are not protected by United States anti-discrimination laws.
  2. No. The farm owner has a right to decrease Rosa’s pay if she is late for work.
  3. No. Rosa is only a seasonal employee, so she is not protected by the federal anti-discrimination laws.
  4. Yes. Rosa may have been the victim of wage discrimination because of her national origin. EEOC can help Rosa even if she is an undocumented worker.