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U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Youth at Work

A is incorrect.

Amaerdeep’s employer cannot refuse his request to wear a turban at work because his co-workers are uncomfortable. Amardeep’s employer must allow him to wear the turban as an accommodation for his religious beliefs, unless granting the request would be too costly, negatively impact efficiency, reduce workplace safety, or negatively impact the rights of other employees. 

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9. Amardeep, who is Sikh, wears a turban as required by his religion. His supervisor tells him that his turban makes his co-workers “uncomfortable” and asks him to remove it. The supervisor also claims that employees are not allowed to wear hats or other head coverings at work. What should Amardeep do?

  1. Amardeep should remove the turban so he doesn’t make his co-workers uncomfortable.
  2. Amardeep should explain to his supervisor that he wears the turban as part of his religious beliefs. Amardeep also should ask his employer to make an exception to the “no hats” rule so that he may wear his turban.
  3. Amardeep should remove the turban because his supervisor is trying to protect him from harassment by his co-workers.
  4. Amardeep should remove the turban immediately because his employer doesn’t allow anyone to wear hats or other head coverings at work.