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Appendix C.  Headquarters Interview Protocol

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Interview Protocol


Name & Title  
Contact Information  
Time in Present Position  
JPS/Convergys Participants  
Interview Date  
Notes prepared by  


What are your Job Responsibilities?

What has been your involvement with the NCC?


What is your impression of the effectiveness of the NCC?

What impact would you expect the NCC would have on:

  • The efficiency and effectiveness of EEOC operations?
  • EEOC customers (access, timeliness, quality of service) for those who contact NCC and those who contact field offices initially?
  • EEOC field and HQ staff?
    • What jobs in the field are impacted
      • District, Field, Area, local offices 
      • Will the jobs impacted by the NCC also be impacted by the repositioning?
    • Will the NCC impact people in the 4 types of offices differentially?
    • Jobs impacted in HQ? 
    • Part of our plan is to conduct a workshop with people in jobs impacted by the NCC to learn before/after impact and then conduct a survey to identify significant changes.  What criteria would you use in selecting the offices for these workshops?

If the EEOC were to decide to shut down NCC next month, what would be the impact?


Are you familiar with this report and what did you think of it?

We are considering replicating this work in 5-6 offices.

  • Do you think this would be valuable?
  • What criteria would you recommend in identifying the offices we use to replicate the work?


Will the new district, field, area and local offices function the same as before the repositioning?


The EEOC has many stakeholders (show list attached).  Are any external stakeholders important to contact for this study?


What measures presently used would be useful in this investigation

  • HQ (DC local office, HQ activities such as complaints)
  • District, field, area and local offices

EEOC Stakeholders

Some that were included in the September 2003 repositioning meeting included:

  • Internal
    • Union
    • Regional Attorneys
    • District Directors
    • IG
    • Acting Director, OFP
    • Ed Elkins
    • OIT
    • OFP (Cynthia Pierre)
  • External
    • Equal Employment Advisory Council
    • International Association of Official Human Rights Agencies
    • Leadership Conference on Civil Rights (there was June 22, 2005 communication between Chair and the LCCR)
    • NAPA
    • National Employment Lawyers Association
    • OPM
    • Partnership for Public Service
    • Society for Human Resource Management

June, 2005 repositioning meeting

  • NAACP Federal Sector Task Force
  • AFGE
  • National Council of EEOC Locals
  • Communication Workers of America
  • FEPA partners