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Appendix I.  Trend Information Desired by EEOC Offices

Following is a listing of the types of trend information that directors indicated they would like to receive.

  • Number of calls screened out by the NCC phone tree and number screened out by the CSRs**
  • Number of calls not referred to EEOC Offices (screened out), by statute, bases, and issue**
  • Number of calls sent to EEOC offices in error (misdirected)
  • Frequency of repeat callers for charge status
  • Listing by month of EASQs the EEOC offices receive*
  • Number of EASQs that actually become charges (provided that they have been properly coded in the IMS)*
  • Overall number of calls referred to each EEOC office broken down by type (e.g. number of potential charges, charge status inquiries, technical information inquiries, inquiries on pending litigation, general information inquiries, and number referred to another agency, etc.)***
  • Calls broken down by Basis/Respondent
  • Categories of inquiries, such as status, file charge, or general complaint about the office.
  • Basis/issue of inquiries referred by race, sex, national origin, age, and ADA (disability) by zip code/county/city
  • Complainant demographics (ages, races and gender) by bases and issues, jurisdiction of calls****
  • Breakdown of  apparently jurisdictional inquiries by statute, bases, and issues
  • Inquiries by region/bases/issue to help determine where expanded presence or outreach activities should be aimed
  • Type of Issues being alleged and bases; regional differences
  • Calls from underserved areas
  • Inquiries/complaints by industry (SIC or occupational code) and employer
  • Analysis of companies against whom callers most complain and type of basis/issues
  • List of the top ten companies with complaints by geographical area
  • Hotline calls report (number of calls that are within 30 days before and after the Statute of Limitations expiring)
  • Language inquiries

* EEOC offices can generate this information

** This information is available in the monthly NCC report across all offices but not for each office

***  This information was recently developed for all EEOC offices combined and can be provided by office

****Currently being developed