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Appendix J.  Combined Cost Assumptions

The JPS Team attempted to quantify the NCC's impact on EEOC operations in terms of time saved based on the information gathered from the NCC reports and the call monitoring data.  The team made the following assumptions based upon their experience in evaluating call centers and what they believe is reasonable:

  • Increase in call volume (Best Case - 100%; Most-Likely - 50%; Worst Case - 25%)
  • Increasing the inquiring to resolve more calls at NCC (Best Case - 15%; Most Like - 10%; Worst Case - 5%)
  • Improving the resolution of non-Charge related calls (Best Case - 10%; Most Likely - 5%; Worst Case - 0%)
  • The team was unable to ascertain time spent by EEOC offices in handling calls related to increased inquiring; therefore, it assumed that, on an average, it takes 6 minutes for all calls and about 15 minutes for calls related to 'filing a Charge.'

The cost of the NCC taking live customer calls is $1.2 million per annum.  This does not include Management costs incurred by EEOC.