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Commission Appellate and Amicus Briefs

EEOC's briefs collection contains briefs filed by the EEOC in the United States Courts of Appeals in cases in which the EEOC is a party.  In addition, the collection also includes EEOC amicus briefs filed in the U.S. Courts of Appeals, district courts, and state courts.  This database includes most briefs filed in 2000 onwards, and some briefs prior to that date. Specific briefs, identified by case name, may be requested by e-mail sent to Older briefs are available in the court in which they were filed.  While we endeavor to ensure that electronic copies of briefs on this site are complete and accurate, errors or omissions may occur.  The official text of any brief is the text filed with the Court.

Briefs filed in the Supreme Court are available here as of 2023; briefs filed prior to 2023 are available from the Office of the Solicitor General at the Department of Justice.


Amicus and Appellate Briefs