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To :    File

From :     Gregory Browne, Contracting Officer, Acquisition Services Division

Date :    August 19, 2013

Subject :    Brand Name - Open Market - FAR 13.106-1, Purchase Request Number 2113INTNDMJ07

The Cisco Catalyst 2960X Network Switches are essential to the Government's requirement, because it is imperative that any switch purchase be able to seamlessly integrate with the network infrastructure and the already deployed production network of switches and routers.  Setup, configuration and design is streamlined and kept to a bare minimum if a similar switch is purchased.   For replacement of old switches, the configuration can simply be copied and pasted directly into the newer version of the switch, creating an extremely simplistic replacement procedure.   New installation and deployment along with time and effort will be minimized through standardization and familiarization criteria already in place.  

Market research was conducted by the Office of Information Technology. Cisco equipment is the industry standard and is a functional part of EEOC's existing enterprise network infrastructure.  

This requirement is for the acquisition of additional switches that have a similar make and model to those previously deployed in an ongoing project.  As such, market research and justification was given at the beginning of the project at which time, EEOC determined and specified which product best met with their current and future requirements.

The additional Cisco switches required under this procurement will enable EEOC to continue it's ongoing upgrade project with little to no change.  In order to fully consider other manufacturers products, EEOC would be forced to review and start much of the project over again from scratch.  This would cause an existing ongoing project to move all the way back to research, planning and development phases and in the end, would cause the expenditure of additional funds outside and beyond the scope of the project - funds that EEOC/OIT does not have available in it's current budget.  Adding an additional cost requirement, will cause a major set back, seriously slowing or postponing the continuation of the project.  

Providing any other make and model would jeopardize the overall project, requiring Information Management and Operations Division (IMOD) to review and change much of the nature of a preexisting project, taking parts of the project all the way back to the beginning - planning and development phases, when currently the project is in the tail end of the deployment phase.  

Based on the above mentioned facts, competition was restricted to the Cisco brand name.