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Washington, D.C. 20507


  1. Identification of Agency and Contracting Activity:

    Agency: U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

    Requiring Activity: Office of Information Technology (OIT)

    Contracting Activity: EEOC - Acquisition Services Division (OCFO-ASD)

    Requisition Number: 2114IMODSAB05

  2. Nature and/or description of the action being approved.

    This requirement is for the renewal of Novell software maintenance.

  3. A description of the supplies or services required to meet the agency's needs (including the estimated value).

    Novell software maintenance for servers previously acquired. The software covers the operating system of all EEOC Novell servers as well as the email application utilized by the EEOC. It also covers remote management capabilities as well as security features.

  4. Identification of the justification rationale (see 8.405-6(a) and, (b) and, if applicable, a demonstration of the proposed contractor's unique qualifications to provide the required supply or service.

    ___(1) Only one source is capable of responding due to the unique or specialized nature of the work;

    ___(2) The new work is a logical follow-on to an original Federal Supply Schedule order provided that the original order was placed in accordance with the applicable Federal Supply Schedule ordering procedures. The original order must not have been previously issued under sole source or limited source procedures;

    X_ (3) The item is peculiar to one manufacturer. A brand name item, whether available on one or more schedule contracts, is an item peculiar to one manufacturer; or

    ___(4) An urgent and compelling need exists, and following the ordering procedures would result in unacceptable delays.

  5. A determination by the ordering activity contracting officer that the order represents the best value consistent with 8.404(d).

    A price analysis will be conducted prior to award to determine that the price is considered fair and reasonable.Page 2 of 3

  6. Description of the market research conducted among schedule holders and the results or a statement of the reason market research was not conducted.

    Novell has provided OIT with a list of authorized vendors under the GSA schedule.

  7. Other facts supporting the justification.

    See block 6 above.

  8. A statement of the actions, if any, the agency may take to remove or overcome any barriers that led to the restricted consideration before any subsequent acquisition for the supplies or services is made.


    Technical Certification Statement:

    By my signature below, I hereby certify that any supporting data that is the responsibility of technical or requirements personnel (e.g., verifying the Government's minimum needs or requirements or other rationale for limited sources) and which form a basis for the justification is complete and accurate:

    November 26th, 2013

    Imran Zaidi, Systems Administration Branch Chief
    Technical Point of Contact

    Name of Office
    Ordering Activity Contracting Officer Certification Statement: By my signature below, I hereby certify that the justification is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.
    Contracting Officer's Signature Date
    Contracting Officer
    Office of the Chief Financial Officer
    Acquisition Services Division