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Commissioners of the EEOC


1965-1966 Franklin D. Roosevelt, Jr.   1977-1981 Eleanor Holmes Norton
1966-1967 Stephen N. Shulman   1982-1990 Clarence Thomas
1967-1969 Clifford L. Alexander, Jr.   1990-1993 Evan J. Kemp, Jr.
1969-1973 William H. Brown, III   1994-1997 Gilbert F. Casellas
1973-1974 John H. Powell, Jr.   1998-Present Ida L. Castro
1975-1976 Lowell W. Perry      


1965-1968 Samuel C. Jackson   1981-1983* Cathie Shattuck
1965-1974 Luther Holcomb   1982-1993* Tony E. Gallegos
1965- 1966 Richard Graham   1982-1986 William Webb
1965-1966 Aileen Hernandez   1984-1987 Fred Alvarez
1967-1971 Vincente T. Ximenes   1984-1995 R. Gaull Silberman
1968-1970 Elizabeth Kuck   1987-1993* Evan J. Kemp, Jr.
1970-1977 Colston A. Lewis   1987-1993 Joy Cherian
1971-1980 Ethel B. Walsh   1990-1996 Joyce E. Tucker
1971-1976 Raymond L. Telles   1994-Present* Paul Igasaki
1976-1981 Daniel Leach   1994-Present Paul Steven Miller
1978-1981* J. Clay Smith, Jr.   1996 - 2000 Reginald E. Jones
1978-1983 Armando Rodriguez      

* Served as Acting Chair

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