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James Hill

James Hill filed a charge with the EEOC in 2007 contending that he had been discriminated against under the ADA when he was terminated from a job on the basis of a disfigurement that the employer perceived to limit Mr. Hill’s ability to do his job. Mr. Hill has burns on 85% of his body due to an incident where he ran into a neighbor’s house to rescue children from a fire. In 2006, Mr. Hill began working for a large storage company in Gaithersburg, Maryland, and successfully completed a three-month probationary period without incident. After a district manager met Mr. Hill, however, the district manager sent a note to upper management noting that Mr. Hill was “handicapped, deformed or something and it’s clear he can’t get the job done.” Mr. Hill’s hours were then reduced and he was terminated shortly afterward. The EEOC brought suit on Mr. Hill’s behalf and obtained a consent decree under which the employer agreed to pay backpay and compensatory damages to Mr. Hill, and to conduct ADA trainings and other activities to prevent such discrimination in the future.