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ADEA@50 Snapshots by Decade: 1967-77, 1977-87, 1987-97, 1997-07, 2007-17

"Discrimination against older workers is a matter of great concern to this nation…" -President Ronald Reagan


A decade solidifying the shared goals of the ADEA and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and expanding protections to most workers age 40 and older.

  • President Jimmy Carter shifts ADEA enforcement responsibility to the EEOC.
  • The Supreme Court finds that the ADEA permits jury trials, and Congress amends the ADEA to confirm that right.
  • The Supreme Court holds that Title VII caselaw applies "with equal force in the context of age discrimination."
  • Congress removes the age-70 cap on coverage, first for federal employees and then for private and public sector employees.