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ADE@50: Infographic 3. Text follows.


ADEA@50 Snapshots by Decade. 1967-77, 1977-87, 1987-97, 1997-07, 2007-17.

"The word 'age' takes on a definite meaning from being in the phrase 'discrimina[tion]... because of such individual's age'"... -Justice David Souter


The Supreme Court identifies differences between the ADEA and Title VII, narrowing the ADEA's reach.

  • Individuals cannot sue states for damages under ADEA, the Supreme Court decides.
  • The ADEA bars favoring a younger employee over an older one; it does not, however, prohibit favoring an older employee over a younger one.
  • The Supreme Court clarifies that the ADEA permits disparate impact claims and holds that an employer's defense to such claims is to prove that a reasonable factor other than age discrimination caused the disparate impact.