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ADEA@50 Infographic. Text follows.

ADEA@50 Snapshots by Decade. 1967-77, 1977-87, 1987-97, 1997-07, 2007-17.

My wish for the ADEA@50 is for all of us to remember, ability matters - not age. - Victoria A. Lipnic, Acting EEOC Chair.


The Supreme Court deepens the differences between the ADEA and Title VII for private employees.

The EEOC brings renewed attention to the ADEA.

  • At the height of the Great Recession, the EEOC receives almost 25,000 ADEA charges.
  • More women than men file ADEA charges.
  • The EEOC holds three commission meetings on age discrimination.
  • Experts advise the EEOC of the economic  harms of age discrimination.
  • Stakeholders suggest strategies to increase   age diversity in employee recruitment.
  • Experts testify that the ADEA deserves a thorough review to make sure it meets today's challenges.