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This project would not have been possible without the generous support of several individuals. The authors would like to thank a number of individuals who provided much needed assistance to our project. We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of several individuals who were behind-the-scene players in ensuring that the national mediation program became a reality.

We would like to acknowledge Chairwoman Castro for her leadership and unwavering commitment to the mediation program, which, as this report shows, is very well received by its participants. The accomplishments of the mediation program, under the leadership Chairwoman Castro, can only be described as impressive.

We would also like to note the contributions of Commissioner Paul Miller in the development of this mediation program. He, along with R. Gaull Silberman, provided valuable leadership during the development of the program. We also thank Chairman Miller’s Senior Advisor, R. Paul Richard, for assistance in this project. We note Paul’s early recognition of the wide-ranging benefits that mediation provides for its participants.

Similarly, the authors would like to recognize Tulio L. Diaz, Jr., Director of the EEOC's Washington Field Office, whose support and vision was critical in establishing that office's and the Commission's first full-time mediation program in 1996. Tulio was truly ahead of his time.

The authors would like to thank Elizabeth M. Thornton, Director of the Office of Field Programs. From our first meeting with the EEOC to discuss this project, Ms. Thornton has served as an important resource.

We would like to acknowledge Irene Hill, Attorney Advisor, and Paula Choate, Director of the Field Coordination Programs Division, who assisted in the development and oversight of the expanded mediation program. We are also grateful to Irene and Paula for their valuable assistance during our endeavor. Our appreciation also goes to Sharon Bower who provided valuable feedback regarding our work.

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge the effort of EEOC's 25 ADR Field Coordinators. They were the lynchpin of our data gathering. Without their yeoman effort, this research could not have been done. We would also like to express our appreciation to Pierrette Hickey, Director of the Charge Data System Division, Mary (Midge) King, Computer Specialist, and Robin Hakan, Computer Specialist, for their technical support, assistance, and cooperation during key points of this project.

Our student assistants, Susan Frank and Aika Swai, were an invaluable part of the team.

Last, but not least, we would like to thank Steve Ichniowski, EEOC National ADR Coordinator, for his assistance and support, in many ways, throughout this project. As one of the primary designers and administrators of the EEOC expanded mediation program, Steve’s insights and experiences were invaluable. Steve previously served as the Commission's first full-time ADR Field Coordinator in the Washington Field Office from 1995-1997 where he was responsible for designing that office's mediation program, which served as a model for the EEOC's current expanded national mediation program.

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