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SHRM Research Spotlight: Credit Background Checks - Charts

On which categories of job candidates does your organization conduct credit background checks? (Select job candidates)

Positions with fiduciary and financial responsibility (e.g., handling cash, banking, accounting, compliance, technology) 91%
Senior executive positions (e.g., CEO, CFO, CHRO, etc.) 46%
Positions with access to highly confidential employee information (e.g., salary, medical, employee personal information, etc.) 34%
Positions with access to company’s or other people’s property (e.g., information technology, administrative services, etc.) 30%
Positions which state law requires a background check (e.g., day care teachers, licensed medical practitioners, etc) 11%
Positions with security responsibilities (e.g., security guards, etc.) 9%
Positions involving national defense or homeland security
Safety-sensitive positions (including heavy equipment operators, transportation, etc.) 5%
Positions in contact with children, the elderly, the disabled and other vulnerable populations
Positions in health care or with access to drugs (e.g., hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, pharmacies, rehabilitation centers, etc.)
Other 4%

In general, when making a hiring decision about a job candidate, which are the most important factors influencing the final decision to hire a particular candidate over another?

A “good fit” with the organizational culture 85%
Previous work experience directly applicable to the job
Specific skills expertise needed for the job (e.g., technical skills, communication skills, etc.)
Performed very well during the interview (e.g., professional demeanor, good, communicator, etc.)
Favorable background check results (e.g., verification of employment history, etc.)
Favorable criminal background check results (e.g., criminal history, etc.)
Education directly applicable to the job
Certifications directly to the job (e.g., CPA, PHR, PMP, etc.)
Favorable credit background check results (e.g., credit history, etc.)

When does your organization, or any agency hired by your organization, initiate credit background checks on job candidates?

After a contingent job offer 57%
After job interview but before a job offer 30%
Varies by job level 9%
After the completion of a job application but before job interview 3%
Other 1%

Does your organization allow job candidates, in certain circumstances, the opportunity to explain the results (e.g., high debt, bankruptcy, etc.) of their consumer report that might have an adverse effect on an employment decision?

Yes, after the credit background check is conducted but before the decision to hire is made 65%
Yes, after the decision to hire has been made 30%
No, not at any time 13%