The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Meeting of April 17, 2007 - Perspectives on Work/Family Balance and the Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Laws


Panel I - Laying the Foundation: Work/Family Dynamics in the Workplace

This panel lays the foundation for the meeting by discussing the current status of caregivers in the workplace. Ms. Boushey shares demographic data and research documenting the increase in working women/parents and the employment experiences of caregivers. Ms. Tucker talks about how caregiving issues affect women of color, such as the intersection of gender and race/ethnicity and how it impacts women of color in their efforts to balance work and family.

Panel II Ė EEOC Enforcement: Charges and Litigation

Ms. Grossman discusses pregnancy, caregiver, and associational disability charges and litigation received/brought by the EEOC.

Panel III Ė Applicability of Title VIIís Disparate Treatment Provisions and the ADAís Associational Provision

This panel discusses the current legal landscape regarding caregiver discrimination, including an overview of case law on the subject. Specifically, the speakers talk about how and to what extent Title VIIís prohibition on intentional discrimination addresses discrimination against workers with caregiving responsibilities. They also discuss how the associational provision of the ADA protects workers who care for an individual with a disability.

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