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Meeting of September 7, 2006, Washington D.C. on Federal Sector EEO Investigations

Procurement Analyst
GSA’s Office of Small Business Utilization

Christy Jackiewicz started her Federal Career in August 1989 with the General Services Administration, Federal Supply Service (FSS) now called the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS). From there her career expanded through the exposure of more than 5 different procurement offices under FSS/FAS in the Crystal City, Virginia area. Her journey from an entry-level clerk typist to a senior level Contract Specialist provided her with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her promotion in 2000 to a Procurement Analyst in the Commercial Acquisition Policy Division forged an even deeper understanding of the procurement regulatory and policy-making system that continues to support our government. This knowledge moves her to a passion for growth and change in our economy through education and leadership.

Christy is in constant communication with GSA customers and has a real sensitivity to small business concerns. She enjoys building relationships with the business community through one on one meetings as well as large public engagements. During the last 17 years she has continued to excel by forging partnerships between the government and the public sector to secure present and future relationships that will make a difference in the way we view GSA today and tomorrow. The experience afforded to her is a benefit to all who come in contact with her. She has a deep personal goal to continue her education both formally and through hands-on training to give each and every customer the best service possible.

Her detail in 2002 and eventual hire to the GSA Office of Small Business Utilization in 2004 as a Program Analyst has provided Christy with specific experiences in supporting the small business community through education on both pre and post contract needs. Christy graduated with her Masters Degree in Business Administration and Marketing in the summer of 2003 while fulfilling her responsibilities to both family and career. She plans to continue her education by taking on the challenge of expanding her knowledge of other cultures both linguistically and historically to increase her service to the ever growing and diverse business arena. It is her hope that through continued education, exciting experiences and opportunities, she will excel in public service to both internal and external customers.

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