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WASHINGTON - The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) today announced that it is increasing online access to key federal sector information by posting federal sector appeals decisions and a comprehensive EEO Resource Directory on its web site at

"This newly available federal sector information is part of EEOC's continuing effort to enhance the use of information technology to better meet the needs of those we serve," said Commission Chairwoman Ida L. Castro. "Providing the public with instant electronic access to important federal sector information will increase customer service and benefit our stakeholders."

As part of the federal sector EEO complaint process (29 C.F.R Part 1614), the Commission's Office of Federal Operations hears appeals and issues decisions of EEO complaints by federal workers. These federal appellate decisions are now available on EEOC's web site from July 2000 to present in a searchable format.

The EEO Resource Directory lists approximately 30 federal agencies that administer statutes requiring equal employment opportunity by private employers and non-federal public employers. For each agency, the Resource Directory identifies the EEO laws enforced, the industries or other entities regulated, and the office(s) within the agency responsible for compliance. Additionally, the Resource Directory provides recent EEOC memoranda of understanding and EEO coordination regulations.

"These latest additions to EEOC's web site will be valuable tools in researching EEO law, and keeping updated on federal sector developments," said Chairwoman Castro. "By fostering the use of information technology, we will be able to accomplish our mission of eradicating employment discrimination with greater speed and efficiency."

During FY 2000, EEOC expanded its web site by adding a historic special section commemorating the Commission's landmark 35th anniversary, a special report on the 10th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and a user-friendly search engine to locate information on the site.

Public use of EEOC's web site rose by 88% last fiscal year from 82,714 average number of visitors per month in FY 1999 to 155,496 in FY 2000. Since FY 1998, the public's use of EEOC's Web site has risen by 289% from 39,980 average number of visitors per month. The site was initially launched in February 1997.

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