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OIG Main Number: 202-663-4327
OIG Fax Number: 202-663-7204
OIG Hotline Number: 800-849-4230

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Office of Inspector General

Milton A.  Mayo Jr., Inspector General

The United States Congress established an Office of Inspector General at the EEOC through the 1988 amendment of the Inspector General Act of 1978, which expanded authority to independent agencies and federal entities. OIG's primary responsibility is to assist the EEOC by ensuring integrity, efficiency, and accountability in the agency's programs to enforce laws against discrimination in the workplace. Specifically, OIG supports the Agency by carrying out its mandate to independently and objectively conduct and supervise audits, evaluations and investigations; prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse; and promote economy and efficiency in programs and operations. The OIG keeps EEOC's Chair and members of the Congress fully and currently informed about problems, recommends corrective action(s), and monitors the EEOC's progress in implementing such action.

The OIG is under the supervision of the IG, who provides overall direction, coordination, and leadership to staff. The OIG includes a deputy inspector general, an audit and evaluation staff, an investigative staff, an independent counsel, and an administrative staff. The Deputy Inspector General serves as alter ego of the Inspector General and has the responsibility for providing overall program guidance, direction and supervision to audit, evaluation and investigative staffs. The audit program provides assurance to the Chair and Congress that EEOC programs are working efficiently and effectively. The audit staff conducts performance and financial audits, as well as special reviews and evaluations. These audits focus on management controls, administrative and program operations, transaction processing and financial and other information systems. Special reviews and evaluations assess program performance and information security and consider the implications of EEOC programs, operations and policies.

The mission of the investigative program is to perform investigative activities related to the integrity of the EEOC's programs. Most of OIG's investigations focus on violations of law or misconduct by Agency employees, as well as, allegations of irregularities or abuses in operations and programs. When needed, OIG's investigators work in concert with other law enforcement entities. Over half of the investigative inquiries result from employees and the general public calling OIG's 24-hour telephone (hotline) to report wrongdoing. A significant amount of these calls concern EEOC's discrimination complaint process and are referred to the appropriate program office.

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