The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Program Evaluation

The Commission has designed a Quality Peer Review (QPR) program that will add critical information on program quality. QPR has three purposes: 1) establish objective, measurable standards linked to Comprehensive Enforcement Program (CEP) implementation; 2) identify best practices to share throughout the agency to improve the implementation of the CEP; and 3) foster a climate of continuous improvement.

In fiscal year 2000, a cross-cutting team developed the framework for conducting QPR by preparing a handbook outline and, from these, completing the section on outreach and initial contact with the public. Due to scarce resources, pilot testing the first handbook section in several district offices was deferred until fiscal year 2001.

Peer review is a well-established mechanism for ensuring the quality, credibility, and acceptability of organizational work products. These types of reviews illuminate areas which need attention and improvements, as well as those identified as "best practices" that can be shared and adopted throughout the organization.

The program is unique, however, because program peers, who are individuals actually doing or managing the front-line program work, are designing and conducting the program in consultation with an outside contractor with expertise in the area of quality and process improvement.

The Quality Peer Review Program is an important new effort to help us continuously improve our processes. We believe the input from peers conducting office reviews will allow colleagues to help each other implement significant quality improvements and raise the level of our work and service to our customers nationwide. Essential elements of the program are:

In fiscal year 2001, we plan to pilot and implement the components developed to date -- outreach and initial contact -- in several offices, evaluate the results and adjust the program as appropriate. We also plan to continue development of subsequent sections of the handbook, such as mediation, investigation, and litigation. It is also anticipated that QPR would be initiated in the federal sector program.

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This page was last modified on May 3, 2001.

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