The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


We conduct evaluation activities to inform employees, managers, and stakeholders of the effectiveness of programs. For example, we conduct evaluations of our prevention and training programs, which are both addressed in our Strategic Plan.

Prevention Programs

In fiscal year 2001, we took several steps to assess our outreach, education and technical assistance programs for employers, employees and stakeholder groups. Throughout the year, at least quarterly, outreach results were reviewed and checked against our outreach plans, using data and reports submitted by field offices. Using this information, our overall outreach performance is reviewed to ensure that we are making progress towards meeting our GPRA goals. Finally, we use participant evaluation forms to evaluate our fee-based training programs held by the Revolving Fund.


We used several mechanisms to evaluate and guide our training programs and activities. We surveyed agency managers about training needs to determine how best to allocate training resources. We evaluated different training methodologies used by EEOC offices nationwide to meet their individual training needs and identified creative techniques that could be shared to improve agency training initiatives. We developed and used a computerized data system to identify recurring employee developmental needs. Finally, we developed tools to assess the extent to which staff training initiatives improved the achievement of key program indicators.

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