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EEOC Performance and Accountability Report FY 2004


Integration of Elements in the Strategic Plan

EEOC's new Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2004-2009 (Strategic Plan) was implemented at the beginning of FY 2004. It charts our course of action over the next six years. The Plan is more results-oriented, customer centered and performance-driven. It represents a major improvement in our overall strategic planning and measurement framework.

In this section of the report, we summarize the results we achieved in FY 2004 for the twenty-four performance measures in our Strategic Plan. The measures are organized by our Strategic Plan's three overarching strategic objectives and the Chair's Five-Point Plan. Most of our measures are new for FY 2004. We do not have specific baseline data for some of them at this time, however, we will describe the steps we have taken during this fiscal year, and will be taking in the future, to implement them and measure our results. We also describe our efforts to ensure the validity of our data, and the preparations to implement our schedule of program evaluations.

Our new Strategic Plan represents a melding of our strategic objectives, the Chair's Five-Point Plan, performance measures, and important program initiatives, all of which are integral to the accomplishment of our mission. The key inter-relationships are briefly outlined on the following pages.

Strategic Objective 1: Justice and Opportunity

We will serve the public interest by obtaining justice for individuals who experience employment discrimination and remove discriminatory barriers to create a level playing field. Strategies to achieve this objective are founded on three elements of our Five-Point Plan and incorporate 13 performance measures.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Remedying and Deterring Unlawful Employment Discrimination

  2. Increased Public Confidence in the Fair and Prompt Resolution of Employment Discrimination Disputes

Five-Point Plan (Element 1)

Proficient Resolution: Charge and complaint processing must be accurate, appropriate, and fair. Staff and other resources must be deployed to ensure the quality and timeliness of processing. We will enhance effective quality controls standards and mechanisms to measure our success in meeting this objective.

Performance Measure Highlights: There are five performance measures under Element 1. Three measures ensure that a significant percentage of private sector charges, Federal sector hearings, and Federal sector appeals will be resolved in 180 days or fewer. Another measure evaluates the quality of investigative charge files. The final measure determines how the general public rates its confidence in EEOC's enforcement of Federal equal employment laws.

Five-Point Plan (Element 2)

Promote and Expand Mediation/ADR: ADR is intended to settle conflicts quickly, amicably, and cost-effectively. We will build on our earlier successes with ADR and use this tool in various stages of the private and Federal sector processes to address employment disputes and continue to improve our services. Through marketing, information sharing, and outreach we will further encourage the use of ADR.

Performance Measure Highlights: There are four performance measures under Element 2. Three measures involve EEOC's private sector mediation/ADR program to increase the number of employers agreeing to participate in the program, maintain a high level of confidence in the program, and assess the contributions of the program towards improved workplaces. The fourth measure aims to increase the participation of Federal employees in mediation to resolve issues before a formal complaint of discrimination is filed.

Five-Point Plan (Element 3)

Strategic Enforcement and Litigation: We will focus our attention on emerging trends and issues in the workplace. We will make informed decisions on what topics merit our attention and allow us to better integrate our policy, investigation, litigation, and Federal coordination functions to address and remedy employment discrimination. Our aim is to promote quality investigations, enhance Federal sector coordination, and pursue high impact litigation.

Performance Measure Highlights: There are four performance measures under Element 3. One measure assesses how resolutions of our private sector charges and lawsuits result in improvements in the workplace. Two measures assess the ripple effect of our high impact litigation and our ability to maintain our high rate of successful litigation. A final measure assesses the results of our Federal sector evaluations and assistance efforts in improving Federal workplaces.

Strategic Objective 2: Inclusive Workplace

We will strengthen America' workplace by preventing discrimination and promoting workplace policies and practices that foster an inclusive work culture. Strategies to achieve this objective are founded on another element of our Five-Point Plan.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Increased Voluntary Compliance with the Federal Equal Employment Laws
  2. Increased Individual Awareness and Understanding of Rights and Responsibilities

Five-Point Plan (Element - 4)

Proactive Prevention: We will proactively prevent discrimination by educating employees and employers and providing information that will help them identify and solve problems; enhancing outreach activities, promoting sound workplace practices, introducing new and expanded outreach activities, including outreach to small and mid-sized companies, and better using available technology to communicate with the public and our stakeholders.

Performance Measure Highlights: There are three performance measures under Strategic Objective 2. One measure assesses the degree private and Federal sector employers attending our major outreach events improve their workplaces as a result of their participation. A second measure seeks to ensure that over half of the Federal agencies will implement EEOC's Model EEO attributes. Our final measure assesses the awareness of individuals' concerning their EEO rights and responsibilities.

Strategic Objective 3: Organizational Excellence

We will establish an organizational infrastructure and professionalism to obtain the highest quality standards for equal opportunity, customer service, internal efficiency and fiscal responsibility. Strategies to achieve this objective are founded on the final element of our Five-Point Plan.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Improved Organizational Performance and Efficiency

  2. Instill a Climate of Respect, Service and Responsiveness

Five-Point Plan (Element 5)

EEOC as a Model Workplace: The principles and standards we promote to employers must be an integral part of our own operations. Our roadmap to achieve this objective is the President's Management Agenda (PMA), which addresses important enhancements to internal Agency operations and the agency's interface with the public. This integration of the Five-Point Plan and other Administration and Agency initiatives will build a model workplace where EEOC can effectively and efficiently accomplish our goals.

Performance Measure Highlights: There are eight performance measures under Strategic Objective 3. A measure assesses the confidence our customers have in our services. Two measures address our initiatives to manage our human capital and obtain input from our employees. Another measure assures that, when our financial systems are audited, we receive unqualified opinions from our auditors. Three measures assure that we successfully implement internally the Federal sector Model EEO attributes, process our internal complaints of discrimination in a timely manner, and utilize ADR to resolve workplace disputes more quickly, cost effectively and amicably. Our final measure ensures that we transition toward a "paperless" environment by converting our charge and case files into electronic format to improve Agency efficiency and enhance disaster recovery.

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