The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EEOC Performance and Accountability Report FY 2004

Program Evaluation

In our new Strategic Plan, we established a schedule for conducting program evaluations. Program evaluations are designed to be a thorough examination of a program area by ensuring an independent review, using a rigorous methodology, and applying appropriate statistical and analytical tools. It uses expertise within and outside the program under review to enhance the analytical perspectives and add credence to the evaluation and recommendations. Program evaluations with this degree of rigor and independence are important because they enable an agency to determine whether or not its programs are operating as they are intended to, are operating effectively and efficiently, and are achieving results.

During FY 2004, we intended to establish procedures to conduct the five evaluations scheduled in our Strategic Plan. Several performance measures already discussed in this report rely on Program Evaluations to assess the results of the programs and identify ways to improve them.

We initiated activities during FY 2004that should enable us to prepare for and conduct an FY 2005 Program Evaluation, which will allow us to remain on our schedule for conducting evaluations. We have made an adjustment to the schedule and will be conducting the Program Evaluation on the Private Sector Charge Process during
FY 2005, instead of the evaluation of the private sector mediation program. The table below describes our revised program evaluation schedule.


Evaluation Parameters


Private Sector Charge Process

Examine and evaluate characteristics of the private sector charge process to enhance the process and the efficacy of procedures used.

FY 2005

Private Sector Mediation Program

Assess private sector mediation program by examining how the overall program and implementation strategies have impacted resolutions achieved, savings obtained, and customer service and work place improvements.

FY 2006

Federal Sector Mediation Programs

Assess the range of mediation/ADR programs in the Federal sector to measure mediation approaches and compare advantages.

FY 2007

Effect of EEOC High Impact Litigation

Identify specific high impact litigation and discern how employers reacted by changing policies, practices or procedures.

FY 2008

Effect of EEOC's Federal Sector Evaluations and Assistance

Identify specific EEOC activities that resulted in changed policies, practices or procedures and developing a methodology to estimate the results achieved from those changes.

FY 2009

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