The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
US EEOC Performance and Accountability Report FY 2007

EEOC Field Offices

District Offices

Atlanta District Office

Birmingham District Office

Charlotte District Office

Chicago District Office

Dallas District Office

Houston District Office

Indianapolis District Office

Los Angeles District Office

Memphis District Office

Miami District Office

New York District Office

Philadelphia District Office

Phoenix District Office

San Francisco District Office

St. Louis District Office

Field Offices

Baltimore Field Office

Cleveland Field Office

Denver Field Office

Detroit Field Office

New Orleans Field Office

San Antonio Field Office

Tampa Field Office

Seattle Field Office

Washington Field Office

Area Offices

Albuquerque Area Office

Boston Area Office

Cincinnati Area Office

El Paso Area Office

Jackson Area Office

Kansas City Area Office

Little Rock Area Office

Louisville Area Office

Milwaukee Area Office

Minneapolis Area Office

Nashville Area Office

Newark Area Office

Oklahoma Area Office

Pittsburgh Area Office

Raleigh Area Office

Local Offices

Buffalo Local Office

Fresno Local Office

Greensboro Local Office

Greenville Local Office

Honolulu Local Office

Las Vegas Local Office

Mobile Local Office

Norfolk Local Office

Oakland Local Office

Richmond Local Office

San Diego Local Office

San Jose Local Office

San Juan Local Office

Savannah Local Office

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