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2002 Budget Request

Figure 4: Five-Year Information Resources Management Strategic Plan

Figure 4 resembles a table with six columns. The first colum describes an objective. Columns 2 through 6 represent years 2000 through 2004. A colored or shaded bar indicates the start and completion dates for each objective. A true tabular representation of this data is below.

ID Information Technology Objective Start Finish Dependancies
1 Establish and Maintain IT Infrastructure
2 Complete Installation of LANS in all Offices Pre-FY 00 Nov-99
3 Maintain and Enhance LAN Infrastructure (value added services) Pre-FY 00 Post-FY 04 2FS-15d
4 Complete Installation of WAN Communications Pre-FY 00 Sep-00
5 Provide Desktop Internet Access to all Employees Pre-FY 00 Sep-00
6 Maintain WAN and Internet Infrastructure Pre-FY 00 Post-FY 04 4,5
7 Refresh PC/Printer Inventory Pre-FY 00 Post-FY 04
8 Maintain and Upgrade Desktop Tools Pre-FY 00 Post-FY 04
9 Maintain and Enhance IT Security Program Pre-FY 00 Post-FY 04
10 Implement new Business Resumption/Disaster Planning Oct-02 Sep-04
11 Develop Integrated Information Systems
12 Transition to new Financial Management System Aug-00 Sep-01
13 Implement Core Accounting and Budget Modules Oct-01 Apr-02 12
14 Implement Procurement, Travel, and Fixed Asset Mgmt Modules Apr-02 Sep-03 13
15 Transition to new Human Resources and Payroll Systems Oct-00 Sep-01
16 Implement new Human Resources and Payroll Systems Oct-01 Sep-02 15
17 Develop Centralized Mission System (Phase I) Pre-FY 00 Jul-01
18 Pilot/Deploy Mission System Phase I to HQ and EEOC field offices Oct-01 Sep-02 17
19 Develop FEPA version of Mission System (Phase II)* UNFUNDED Sep-01 May-03 17FS+30d
20 Pilot/Deploy Mission System Phase II to FEPA offices *UNFUNDED May-03 Post-FY 04 19
21 Develop Mission System Phase III functions (vote, non-CDS features) May-03 Post-FY 04 19
22 Maintain Mission System Oct-02 Post-FY 04 18
23 Develop and Pilot new Federal Data Collection System Sep-00 Sep-02
24 Implement Federal Data Collection with Federal OEO offices Oct-02 Sep-03 23
25 Maintain Federal Data Collection System Oct-03 Post-FY 04 24
26 Determine corporate data integration requirements & validate system specs Feb-01 Jan-02
27 Integration/Interfacing between IMS, Fed Data, EEO1, HR, Finance, and Doc Mgmt May-03 Post-FY 04 13,16,23,29,35FF,26,20FF
28 Sustain and Enhance IT Systems
29 Complete requirements, modifications and implementation plans for EEO Surveys Oct-00 Sep-02
30 Implement New EEO Survey Systems Sep-02 Sep-03 29
31 Complete GPEA Plan Jun-00 Jan-01
32 Implement GPEA Plans Feb-01 Sep-03 31
33 Determine Document Management Requirements Oct-00 Mar-02 31FF
34 Pilot Document Management Systems Mar-02 Mar-03 33
35 Implement Document Management Mar-03 Sep-04 34
36 Pilot and Implement Video Teleconferencing Oct-02 Sep-04
37 Deploy EEOC Intranet Oct-99 Sep-00
38 Maintain and Enhance EEOC Intranet Oct-00 Post-FY 04 37
39 Develop and Conduct Training on New Technology Pre-FY 00 Post-FY 04

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