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EEOC Shutdown

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is currently closed because of the government shut-down.  

While the government is closed, a limited number of EEOC services are available.  If you are trying to contact the EEOC, or have existing business with the Agency, please refer to the following information:

Charge Processing

Filing a Charge

If you are trying to file a charge of discrimination against a private employer or a state or local government employer, please remember that there are specific time limits.  The time limits depend on where the employer is located or where the alleged discrimination took place.  Generally, charges have to be filed within 300 days of the incident.  However, if you are in a state where there is no state fair employment practice agency (North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, or Arkansas), the time limit for filing a charge is 180 days.  These time limits may not be extended because of the shut-down.  

Therefore, if you are within 30 days of your time expiring or you are unsure when your time expires; you should not wait until we reopen to begin the process.  You can go to our online assessment system to begin the process.  You will be asked a series of questions to determine whether your complaint is covered by the laws we enforce, and if it is covered, you will be able to access an intake questionnaire which you can complete and mail or fax to the office indicated.  You can access the online assessment by selecting "contact EEOC" from our main page.  

Pending Charges

If you have questions about the status of a pending charge, please call us when the government reopens.

Requests for Reconsideration

During the shut-down of the federal government we will not be able to take any action with regard to requests for reconsideration.  When the government reopens, we will review any pending requests.  However, if you have received notice of your right to sue, please be advised that the time limits for filing your case in court are not suspended while the request is pending.  If you do not file suit within the time period, as explained in the dismissal letter, you will lose the right to do so.

Mediation Private and Federal Sector

Mediations scheduled to occur during the period that the government is shut down are cancelled until further notice. This directive applies to Mediation of private sector cases and Federal sector mediation.  When government operations resume, mediators will contact the parties in each matter to reschedule the mediation. 

Federal Sector Hearings Process 

The EEOC will accept Federal Sector hearing requests during the shut down.  For parties involved in the Federal Hearings program, any hearing/proceeding before an Administrative Judge (AJ) (settlement conference, pre-hearing conference, mediation, hearing on a motion, or hearing on the merits) will be postponed until further notice.  Similarly, deadlines for completing discovery or submitting motions are also suspended during the government shut down.  For any matters that were scheduled and postponed due to the shutdown, the parties should contact the AJ to reschedule.  Regarding deadlines for discovery or to submit motions, the general rule will be that applicable deadlines will be extended by the number of days the government is shut down. AJ's have discretion to modify deadlines as appropriate. 

Federal Sector Appeals & Requests for Reconsideration 

The EEOC will accept Federal Sector appeals and requests for reconsideration during the shut down.  Please continue to follow the instructions given on the agency's final order or the EEOC decision.  We suggest all appeals and requests for reconsideration be sent by regular mail and not by facsimile. Regarding deadlines for briefs and complaint file submissions, the general rule will be that applicable deadlines will be extended by the number of days the government is shut down. This does not apply, however, to any deadlines that passed before the date of the shutdown.


Litigation will be suspended unless needed on an emergency basis or if a continuance has not been granted by the court.  


All EEOC sponsored outreach events are postponed during the shut down. Additionally, EEOC staff is unable to participate in any outreach program regardless of the sponsoring organization during the government shut down.

During the shut-down information on this website will not be updated. Transactions submitted via the website will not be processed, and the EEOC will not be able to respond to inquiries submitted to until appropriations are enacted.