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EEO-1: How to File

All single-establishment employers, i.e., employers doing business at only one establishment in one location, must complete a single EEO-1 online data record.

All multi-establishment employers, i.e. employers doing business at more than one establishment, must complete online:

  1. a report covering the principal or headquarters office;
  2. a separate report for each establishment employing 50 or more persons;
  3. a consolidated report that MUST include ALL employees by race, sex and job category in establishments with 50 or more employees as well as establishments with fewer than 50 employees; and
  4. a list, showing the name, address, total employment and major activity for each establishment employing fewer than 50 persons, must accompany the consolidated report.

The total number of employees indicated on the headquarters report, PLUS the establishment reports, PLUS the list of establishments with fewer than 50 employees, MUST equal the total number of employees shown on the consolidated report.

Employment data for multi-establishment companies, including parent corporations and their subsidiary holdings, must report all employees working at each company establishment or subsidiary establishment. For the purposes of this report, the term Parent Corporation refers to any corporation which owns all or the majority stock of another corporation so that the latter relates to it as a subsidiary.