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EEO-1 Joint Reporting Committee
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EEO-1 Data Upload Enhancements

Instead of emailing your datafile to a member of the EEO-1 Joint Reporting Committee (JRC), you can now do everything electronically. By uploading your datafile according to the specifications to the JRC's production database, you are no longer required to wait for confirmation that your datafile has been uploaded. You will be informed immediately of acceptance or errors regarding your company's submission.

What you should know about the EEO-1 Survey's new data file upload system.

  • Companies must test and upload datafiles themselves instead of emailing the file as an attachment. The datafiles are in the same format as previous years.
  • The data upload link will be available once the 2017 survey opens. You will need to login using your company number contained in the annual Notification Letter and your 2017 password.

    Please note that the 2016 passwords will NOT work in 2017. If your contact person has changed, you must submit a change of contact request to EEOC on company letterhead before you can obtain your 2017 password online.

  • Before generating the upload file, you should first update the establishment numbers in your HR system. After the 2017 survey has opened you can download an Establishment Listing from your company's EEO-1 online database. To do so, log in and click 'Other Actions' and then 'Present Year'.
  • Remember, as with all filing methods, you MUST certify the data! This means that once you have uploaded your data, additional action is needed. You must complete all incomplete records and certify the survey.
  • The online filing system will provide detailed instructions and fact sheets for the new process when the 2017 survey opens.