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EEOC's Administrative Settlement Envoy (EASE)

The EEOC Philadelphia District Office's Hearings Unit has developed a settlement program called the EEOC Administrative Settlement Envoy, or EASE, Program.  The goal of the EASE Program is to foster earlier and more efficient resolution of Federal Sector EEO disputes by using a cadre of well-trained volunteers to serve as settlement officials, or Envoys.  The Envoys are specialists in conflict resolution and are fluent in Federal sector laws and regulations. 

EASE Envoys meet with, and assist, parties involved in Federal Sector workplace discrimination complaints through the use of evaluative ADR techniques in directed settlement conferences.  A primary goal of this Program is to provide the unique opportunity for both agencies and complainants to resolve Federal Sector EEO disputes in a reasonable, flexible, non-threatening manner at the initial hearing stage.

Through increased settlements and shorter processing times, stakeholders can reap the benefits that accompany early resolution of EEO disputes: the reduction of costs, party ill will and disruption associated with preparing for hearing or litigation.   

For more information on this program, contact the EASE Coordinator:

Julie Procopiow Todd
Administrative Judge
EEOC Philadelphia District Office