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Ombuds are individuals who rely on a number of techniques to resolve disputes. These techniques include counseling, mediating, conciliating, and fact finding. Usually, when an ombud receives a complaint, s/he interviews the parties, reviews files, and makes recommendations to the disputants. The ombuds do not impose solutions. The power of the ombud lies in his/her ability to persuade the parties to accept his/her recommendations. An individual not accepting the proposed solution of the ombud is free to pursue a remedy in other forums for dispute resolution.

Here is a list of agencies which have an ombuds program, including either the agency's webpage or telephone number:

Defense Logistics Agency

Department of Agriculture
Food and Safety Inspection Service
(612) 370-2010

Department of Energy, Los Alamos National Laboratory

National Institute of Health
(301) 594-7231

Department of Justice

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    (202) 324-2156

Department of the Navy
(202) 764-0746

Department of State
(202) 647-8104

U.S. Secret Service (Department of Homeland Security)
(202) 406-5555

International Broadcasting Bureau (Broadcasting Board of Governors)
(202) 619-2012

Smithsonian Institution
(202) 357-3261