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U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


MD-715 - Part I
Agency EEO Plan to Eliminate Identified Barrier

Please describe the status of each plan that the agency implemented to identify possible barriers in policies, procedures, or practices for employees and applicants by race, ethnicity, and gender.

If the agency did not conduct barrier analysis during the reporting period, please check the box.


Statement of Condition That Was a Trigger for a Potential Barrier:

Source of the Trigger

Specific Workforce Data Table

Narrative Description of Trigger





EEO Group(s) Affected by Trigger

EEO Group

All Men

All Women

Hispanic or Latino Males

Hispanic or Latino Females

White Males

White Females

Black or African American Males

Black or African American Females

Asian Males

Asian Females

Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Males

Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Females

American Indian or Alaska Native Males

American Indian or Alaska Native Females

Two or More Races Males

Two or More Races Females


Barrier Analysis Process

Sources of Data

Source Reviewed?

(Yes or No)

Identify Information Collected

Workforce Data Tables



Complaint Data (Trends)



Grievance Data (Trends)



Findings from Decisions (e.g., EEO, Grievance, MSPB, Anti-Harassment Processes)



Climate Assessment Survey (e.g., FEVS)



Exit Interview Data



Focus Groups






Reports (e.g., Congress, EEOC, MSPB, GAO, OPM)



Other (Please Describe)




Status of Barrier Analysis Process

Barrier Analysis Process Completed?

(Yes or No)

Barrier(s) Identified?

(Yes or No)




Statement of Identified Barrier(s)

Description of Policy, Procedure, or Practice





Objective(s) and Dates for EEO Plan


Date Initiated (mm/dd/yyyy)

Target Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Sufficient Funding & Staffing?

(Yes or No)

Modified Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Date Completed (mm/dd/yyyy)




















Responsible Official(s)



Performance Standards Address the Plan?

(Yes or No)











Planned Activities Toward Completion of Objective

Target Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Planned Activities

Modified Date (mm/dd/yyyy)

Completion Date (mm/dd/yyyy)














Report of Accomplishments

Fiscal Year