The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Asian American and Pacific Islander Work Group Report to the Chair of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Figure showing education levels of Non-Hispanic Whites, Asians and Pacific Islanders

Chart of Education Demographics

At less than High School levels, Non-Hispanic (NH) Whites and Asians were less than 10% while Pacific Islanders (PIs) were slightly over 10%;
At the High School level NH Whites over 25%, Asians over 15% with PIs just under 40%;
At the Some College level NH Whites have slightly less than 25%, Asians have over 15% and PIs are approximately 25%;
At the Associates level, all three groups had less than 10;
At the Bachelors level NH Whites had a little over 20%, while Asians had over 30% and PIs have slightly over 10%;
At the Master/Prof level NH Whites are just over 10%, Asians are over 15% and PIs are less than 5%;
and at the Doctorate level all three groups were under 5% with PIs having the lowest and Asians having the greatest number.

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