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Federal Sector Information

EEOC is responsible for enforcing the anti-discrimination laws in the federal sector. EEOC conducts thousands of hearings every year for federal employees and applicants who have filed discrimination complaints. In addition, when a federal agency issues a final decision on a complaint of discrimination, the complainant can appeal that decision to the EEOC.

The EEOC also ensures that the federal departments and agencies maintain programs of equal employment opportunity required under Title VII and the Rehabilitation Act. Moreover, under Executive Order 12067, the EEOC provides leadership and coordination to all federal departments' and agencies' programs enforcing statutes, executive orders, regulations, and policies which require equal employment opportunity or which have equal employment opportunity implications.


Contact: Nilia Brignoni
Hearings Unit Clerk
Miami District Office  
Phone:  305-530-6027 
Fax:  305-536-4011 
TTY:  305-536-5721