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Statement of Michael Eastman
... However, the components of a background check may vary widely depending
on the employer and the position sought. For example, a ... - 39k

Remarks of Christine V. Walters
... negligent hiring, assess the overall trustworthiness of the job candidate, and comply
with applicable state laws requiring a background check for particular ... - 52k

SHRM Research Spotlight: Credit Background Checks
... employment decision? How much percent organizations allow opportunity to explain
background check results Methodology | These research ... - 31k

Remarks of Michael Aamodt
... illness), it would seem prudent for organizations using an applicant’s credit history
to do so in the context of a thorough background check that would ... - 35k

Remarks of Pamela Quigley Devata
... the applicant often assumes that the decision may have something to do with the
final information received by an employer—oftentimes a background check. ... - 51k

Remarks of Sarah Crawford
... The Federal Trade Commission recently issued guidance on “Employment Background
Checks and ... of candidates excluded due to a credit check was disproportionate ... - 58k

Remarks of Maneesha Mithal
... The notices inform consumers of their right to check their reports for ... Recently,
the FTC published Employment Background Checks and Credit Reports, which ... - 48k

Remarks of Chi Chi Wu
... 28 Why would employers need to check the credit histories of day ... 2 Society for Human
Resource Management, Background Checking: Conducting Credit Background ... - 57k

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