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Meeting of 11-20-08 Remark of Livingston
... should have known of Harris’ violent conduct, as the undisputed facts are that
Defendant never conducted any type of criminal background check on Harris ... - 50k

Meeting of 11-20-08 Remark of Moskowitz
... An estimated one out of five adults in the United States now has a criminal record
that will show up on a routine employment background check. ... - 87k

Meeting of 11-20-08 Remark of Vann
... for “negligent hiring” in instances where someone is injured by an employee who
would not have been hired had an adequate background check been conducted. ... - 39k

Transcript of 11-20-08 Meeting
... Is there any large employer out there that's actually said, you know, even for a
cost issue, "I'm not going to do a background check on everybody, you know ... - 101k

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