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Written Testimony of Adam Klein
... less than 20% of the arrests of African Americans for these offenses result in
convictions, they will show up on a “routine” criminal background check. ... - 45k

Written Testimony of Michael F Curtin
... However, the DCPS’ opaque background check policy has been a real barrier
to the program. They will not or can not tell us what ... - 50k

Written Testimony of Victoria Kane
... employment policy - prohibits hiring any applicants with convictions; Background
check - can’t afford them or records verifications aren’t thorough enough; ... - 31k

Written Testimony of Stephen Saltzburg
... actually represents, so even when completely accurate information is provided,
employers can misinterpret the information contained in a background check. ... - 49k

Written Testimony of Barry Hartstein
... reporting statutes in some states also limit the scope and flow of information that
“consumer reporting agencies” (ie background check companies) can ... - 97k

Written Testimony of Juan Cartagena
... Employment is a key determinant in reducing recidivism so that the consequences
of a mistake-prone commercial criminal background check industry has a greater ... - 89k

Written Testimony of Amy Solomon
... forgotten is that many people who have been arrested – and therefore technically
have a criminal record that shows up on a background check -- have never ... - 61k

Written Testimony of Cornell William Brooks
... Without updated guidance from the EEOC regarding background check practices and
recidivism research, employers are uncertain of their obligations. ... - 64k

Transcript of 7-26-11 Meeting
... Reality was: as we took over hotels, there was no background check and testing of
the employees that we hired that had already been working at the hotel 10 ... - 101k

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