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EEOC Informal Discussion Letter
... Transportation Security Act requires all port workers who work in secure areas of
a vessel or facility to undergo a criminal background check to obtain the ... - 16k

EEOC's Response to Letter from State Attorneys General on Use of ...
... in 1971 and later codified in the Civil Rights Act of 1991 -- arises if an employer
uniformly administers a criminal background check that disproportionately ... - 40k

EEOC Informal Discussion Letter
... case, the employer may be able to demonstrate that it could not reasonably obtain
and evaluate the non-medical information from the background check at the pre ... - 7k

Remarks of Michael Aamodt
... illness), it would seem prudent for organizations using an applicant’s credit history
to do so in the context of a thorough background check that would ... - 35k

Jonathan Segal Written Testimony
... Second, some employers use social media in their background check process in order
to confirm a candidate's qualifications for the specific position. ... - 43k

Schenker Inc to Pay $750,000 To Conciliate EEOC Class ...
... Notably, the company updated its criminal background check policy to comply with
EEOC guidance, ensuring that background checks on prospective employees are ... - 28k

Remarks of Pamela Quigley Devata
... the applicant often assumes that the decision may have something to do with the
final information received by an employer—oftentimes a background check. ... - 51k

EEOC July 1, 2014 Hearing Record
... children. Pre-School performs a background check and learns that Elijah pled
guilty to charges of indecent exposure two years ago. After ... - 70k

&E Tire Sued By EEOC for Sex-Based Discrimination Against ...
... for a services manager position at A&E Tire's Denver location, and after his interview
he was offered the position pending a drug test and background check. ... - 29k

[PDF] Criminal Records & Your Job Rights
... year ago. They apply to work at HTML Pros. The company conducts a background
check that reveals their drug convictions. Ted, an ...

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