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[PDF] Criminal Records & Your Job Rights
... year ago. They apply to work at HTML Pros. The company conducts a background
check that reveals their drug convictions. Ted, an ...

Meeting of 11-20-08 Remark of Moskowitz
... An estimated one out of five adults in the United States now has a criminal record
that will show up on a routine employment background check. ... - 87k

Written Testimony of Victoria Kane
... employment policy - prohibits hiring any applicants with convictions; Background
check - can’t afford them or records verifications aren’t thorough enough; ... - 31k

Social Media Is Part of Today’s Workplace but its Use May Raise ...
... To the extent that employers conduct a social media background check, it is better
to have either a third party or a designated person within the company who ... - 32k

Written Testimony of Stephen Saltzburg
... actually represents, so even when completely accurate information is provided,
employers can misinterpret the information contained in a background check. ... - 49k

Written Testimony of Barry Hartstein
... reporting statutes in some states also limit the scope and flow of information that
“consumer reporting agencies” (ie background check companies) can ... - 97k

EEOC Public Meeting Explores the Use of Credit Histories as ...
... for discriminatory exclusion, he concluded that it would be wise to use an
applicant’s credit history only within the context of a thorough background check. ... - 30k

EEOC Letter for the March 24, 2015 Hearing Record
... However, when there is such a disparate impact, an employer carries the burden under
Title VII to show that their particular background check is justified ... - 81k

Pre-Employment Inquiries and Financial Information
... It is enforced by the US Federal Trade Commission. This law requires employers
to tell you in writing if they will do a background check. ... - 26k

Meeting of 11-20-08 Remark of Vann
... for “negligent hiring” in instances where someone is injured by an employee who
would not have been hired had an adequate background check been conducted. ... - 39k

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