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Lynn Bernabei Written Testimony
... If the employer hires an outside company to perform a background check on prospective
employees, it must comply with the requirements of the Fair Credit ... - 58k

Renee Jacksonf Written Testimony
... Employers using CRAs must also comply with the FCRA by providing notice to the
applicant that a background check will take place, obtaining consent from the ... - 65k
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Remarks of Christine V. Walters
... negligent hiring, assess the overall trustworthiness of the job candidate, and comply
with applicable state laws requiring a background check for particular ... - 53k
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Tips for Small Businesses: Employment Decisions and Criminal ...
... you to take certain steps before you can get an employee background check, and before
and after you make an employment decision based on that background check. ... - 31k

Meeting of 11-20-08 Remark of Livingston
... should have known of Harris’ violent conduct, as the undisputed facts are that
Defendant never conducted any type of criminal background check on Harris ... - 50k

Background Checks
... and genetic information, it is not illegal for an employer to ask questions about
an applicants or employees background, or to require a background check. ... - 26k

Written Testimony of Michael F Curtin
... However, the DCPS’ opaque background check policy has been a real barrier
to the program. They will not or can not tell us what ... - 51k
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EEOC's Response to Letter from State Attorneys General on Use of ...
... in 1971 and later codified in the Civil Rights Act of 1991 -- arises if an employer
uniformly administers a criminal background check that disproportionately ... - 41k

EEOC July 1, 2014 Hearing Record
... children. Pre-School performs a background check and learns that Elijah pled
guilty to charges of indecent exposure two years ago. After ... - 70k

[PDF] Criminal Records & Your Job Rights
... year ago. They apply to work at HTML Pros. The company conducts a background
check that reveals their drug convictions. Ted, an ...

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