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EEOC Seeks Public Input On Agency Staff Returning to Office

Beginning in March 2020, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) staff have been conducting their activities almost entirely through telework, continuing to fulfill the agency’s mission and engage with stakeholders and members of the public virtually. Now, as cities and states are removing restrictions and many businesses and public spaces have reopened, the EEOC is evaluating its next steps toward safely returning to our 53 office locations and resuming in-person interactions with the public.

The EEOC would like input from the public on how to structure those interactions to effectively serve members of the public while ensuring that they and our staff remain safe, and encourages participation from individuals, employers, advocacy groups, agency stakeholders, and other interested parties.

While no specific format is required, we are especially interested in how commenters generally interact with agency staff (in person, online, videoconference, telephone, etc.); how the agency’s increased telework may have impacted those contacts; which agency interactions were enhanced by the use of online/virtual formats; whether any particular agency interactions should be conducted in person; whether certain communities or demographic groups lack online access or face particular challenges to interacting with the EEOC online; and whether there are any relative advantages/disadvantages to having more small EEOC offices across the country vs. fewer larger offices with more centralized services. We welcome comment on any of the above topics or any other matters relating to EEOC staff members’ return to our offices.

The EEOC will be accepting comments from the public at through July 29, 2021.