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EEOC Training Institute

Customized Training

EEOC trainers create and deliver customized and informative programs to help employers understand, prevent, and correct discrimination in the workplace.

Harassment Prevention and Respectful Workplaces Training

Leading for Respect (for supervisors) and Respect in the Workplace (for all employees) focus on respect, acceptable workplace conduct, and the types of behaviors that contribute to a respectful and inclusive workplace. The training is customizable for different types of workplaces and includes a section for reviewing employers’ own harassment prevention policies and procedures.

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What topics are offered as on-site training?

Although we deliver training on any EEO topic that falls under the jurisdiction of the EEOC, the most requested topics include workplace harassment, responding to requests for religious and disability accommodations, age discrimination, an overview of the EEOC statutes, and EEO investigation and complaint processing.

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For Federal Agencies:

If you are interested in our training services, please complete the Training Request Form.

If you are interested in having a presenter at a federal sector event please complete the Outreach Request Form.  

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Private Sector Employers and State Agencies:

For more information or to schedule training, contact the Outreach and Education Coordinator located in your area.

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