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Data and Analytics - Overview

Welcome to, the one-stop shop for data and analytics related to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)! From here, you’ll find access to all the EEOC’s publicly available workforce data, in-browser tools to easily explore datasets, and information products such as visualizations and data highlights on specific topics.  

Data collected by the EEOC is provided here to enhance transparency with the public and support research into employment trends and discrimination.

  • Data Governance - Policies and procedures regarding EEOC data collection, management, utilization and dissemination.
  • EEO Data Collections - Details about the various workforce data collections the EEOC administers (EEO-1, EEO-3, EEO-4, EEO-5), who must file, and important dates. 
  • Data and Statistics - Data concerning employment and enforcement. 
  • Data Tools and Products - Information products that leverage EEOC data, including EEOC Explore, a user-friendly, web-enabled data querying tool of EEO-1 data. Other products include special reports, visualizations, and data highlights.