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Commission Votes

The information provided here covers all final actions of the full Commission, including notation votes in the Commission's electronic voting system, votes taken at a Commission meeting, and matters approved or disapproved through any other voting procedure of the Commission.

The voting information includes the date of the vote; the type of document voted on; a general description of the matter; the statute, basis, and issue involved (where applicable); the vote of each Commissioner; and the result of the vote. Links to relevant documents are provided where available. Information on interim actions, such as placing an item on hold, are not included.

For information on approval of Commissioner Charges by a single Commissioner, which do not represent actions by the full Commission, please visit the agency’s webpage on Commissioner Charges and Directed Investigations

Please note that some items posted here are edited to ensure compliance with the EEOC's statutory confidentiality requirements.

Items that have been updated since they were originally posted are highlighted and will remain highlighted until the next month’s posting.

Glossary of commonly used terms.

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