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Commission Votes

The records made available here provide the votes of EEOC Commissioners on items in the Commission's electronic voting system, taken at a Commission meeting, and through the notice and hold process. The notice and hold process allows for the approval of certain types of matters if no Commissioner places the matter on hold.

Only final votes of the Commission are provided here.  Items that are withdrawn before the conclusion of a voting period are not included, as a final vote of the Commission does not take place in this instance. 

For each matter the voting date will be noted, as well as the vote of each Commissioner. Information on interim actions, such as placing an item on hold, will not be included. Votes that precede the final resolution of a matter will generally be posted when the matter is final and made public. For example, votes by the Commission to institute litigation and intervene in litigation will be posted after the litigation or brief is actually filed.

Some items will be edited to ensure compliance with the EEOC's statutory confidentiality requirements.

Items that have been updated since they were originally posted are highlighted in yellow and will remain highlighted until the next month’s posting.

Glossary of commonly used terms.