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EEOC FY 2005 Performance Budget Highlights

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • The EEOC is requesting a budget of $350,754,000 and 2,640 FTE for fiscal year 2005 to carry out its ambitious programs and initiatives.
  • This request represents an increase of $26 million (8%) over the level in the fiscal year 2004 budget, and 100 additional positions.
  • The performance budget supports three main funding themes:
    • $21 million to provide fast, responsive, and high quality services by maintaining appropriate staffing and enhancing employee professionalism;
    • $3 million to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations by streamlining functional responsibilities, broadening the spans of control, reducing layers of management, and redeploying resources to our front-line, mission-related functions; and
    • $2 million to enhance our delivery of services to better serve the public with a series of program initiatives, including supporting the President's New Freedom Initiative.
  • As part of the continuing effort of the federal government to directly link agency resources with performance, we have linked our resource request for fiscal year 2005 with the Strategic Objectives and major Program areas.
  • Our performance budget includes new long-term performance measures and target values included in our new Strategic Plan and the intermediate target values included in our fiscal year 2005 performance budget.

  • This page was last modified on February 9, 2004.