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EEOC FY 2007 Performance Budget Highlights

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • The President proposed a budget of $322,807,000 and 2381 full-time equivalents (FTEs) for fiscal year 2007
  • This request represents a decrease of $4.2 million, 1.2% below the fiscal year 2006 level which is $327 million, and a decrease of 19 FTEs.
  • The budget request includes resources to: provide timely charge processing; ensure that the quality of our investigative enforcement activities and litigation program is maintained; use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) as an effective tool to resolve charges of discrimination; file high impact litigation that will benefit entire workforces; and provide quality service to the federal sector workforce through our federal sector program.
  • The budget will allow EEOC to maintain its outreach activities, which include the Small and Mid-sized Employer Initiative, Youth@Work Initiative and the President’s New Freedom Initiative.
  • The budget request includes funding for a 2.2% pay raise consistent with Administration policy.
  • The budget request includes $28 million for our State and Local partners, the Fair Employment Practices Agencies (FEPAs). The funds also support the 64 Tribal Employment Rights Organizations (TEROs), providing outreach and training to address the specific equal employment issues facing the Native American community.

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