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Tribal Consultation Process


Update: The EEOC’s Tribal Consultation Process describes the consultation process that the EEOC will follow before developing or implementing policies that have tribal implications as defined by Executive Order 13175.   

Tribal Consultation Action Plan

The EEOC’s action plan describes the agency’s commitment to working with Indian Tribes in a manner that respects Tribal self-government and sovereignty, honors Tribal treaty and other rights, and meets the Federal Government's Tribal trust responsibilities.  It also provides an update on the development of the EEOC’s Tribal Consultation Process, describes the process for engaging in Tribal consultations and potential areas of collaboration between the EEOC and Tribal nations. 

In accordance with President Biden’s Memorandum on Tribal Consultation and Strengthening Nation-to-Nation Relationships, which directs federal agencies to implement the polices and directives of Executive Order 13175 of November 6, 2000, the EEOC has been consulting with Tribal leaders to incorporate their feedback on the agency’s Tribal Consultation Process.

If you are interested in submitting input regarding the EEOC’s Action Plan and/or Tribal Consultation Process, please email