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Dexter Brooks

Associate Director, Federal Sector Programs, Office of Federal Operations, EEOC, Washington, D.C.
Meeting of June 17, 2015 - Retaliation in the Workplace: Causes, Remedies, and Strategies for Prevention

Mr. Brooks, a member of the Senior Executive Service, is the Director of Federal Sector Programs within the Office of Federal Operations, United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Washington, D.C. Federal Sector Programs has a unique role in assisting federal administrative agencies in the development of strategies designed to prevent discrimination, so that federal employees compete on a fair and level playing field. Prior to this assignment, Mr. Brooks served as the Federal Training and Outreach Coordinator and Attorney Advisor within Federal Sector Programs. Mr. Brooks was responsible for establishing EEOC's Federal Sector Training Institute which provides a variety of fee-based courses to the federal sector EEO community. He also served as primary contact to the Commission's federal sector stakeholders providing hundreds of outreach sessions throughout the country. Mr. Brooks' EEOC career began in 1998, as a staff attorney in the Office of Federal Operation's Appellate Review Program. Before joining the EEOC, Mr. Brooks served as an Attorney Advisor for the United States Department of Labor in its Office of Administrative Law Judges. Mr. Brooks received his Juris Doctor from Howard University, and his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from North Carolina A&T State University.